Tanya X. Short, Game Designer
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What Else?

In reverse chronological order:


Co-ordinating the Pixelles game development workshop series is so much fun! Sponsored by Feminists in Games of Toronto, Pixelles aims to encourage more diversity among the kinds of people making games! We're guiding 10 women, who are each making their own game over 6 weeks. I can't wait to see what they come up with!

I held a MIGS talk in November 2012, summarised here by Gamasutra.com. Alternately, you can just download my slides directly: Tanya Short - Cooperative Competitive, though they may be hard to parse without my notes/running commentary.

Hosted a game design workshop series internally for other Funcom employees in Fall-Winter 2010 with 8 sessions, covering design theory, psychology, and practical uses for prototyping.

Co-hosted a game design workshop for teen girls at the Sally Ride Science Festival in 2008 in Dallas, Texas.

Earned a Master's degree in Interactive Media, with a focus on Level Design, from the Guildhall at SMU in 2008 (go C8! C8 forever!).

Published a science-fiction tale of colonial independence, "Excerpt from the Mars Address," in Mars Magazine in 2006.

Edited and produced feminist games journalist weblog Gamer-Girl.org from its inception in 2003 to its unfortunate demise in 2007, managing a rotating crew of 4-8 other part-time journalists.


Still playing games, still loving games. My 5-year-old self would be SO proud.

This is what I look like sometimes.

Originally created for the late, great, Gamer-girl.org. All mine now. Created by Jessica Nida-Wright.